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Excavators – Mini

ID Fleet Hire has available the Hitachi Mini Excavators

Hitachi mini excavators offer adjustable width for efficient use in various applications, smooth movement in
confined spaces, as well as powerful operation in open areas. They also manoeuvre easily and contain industry leading safety features.

All our mini excavators are provided on trailers to make transport easier and they can subsequently be towed behind most everyday vehicles.

Hitachi ZX17U-5 Mini Excavator The Hitachi ZX17U-5 is a versatile excavator with adjustable width for efficient use in various applications-smooth movement in confined spaces, as well as powerful operation in open areas It contains a powerful engine for its size, has a minimum width of 980 mm and a rear end swing radius of 675 mm. The machine has two travel speeds making transport through the job site more efficient and smoother. The D-Shape cross section frame is attached all around the lower end of main body. This shock-proofing feature protects the body from unexpected shocks. It’s ribbed and reinforced boom cylinder cover also provides higher impact resistance. This model also comes with an adjustable foot crawler and blade which is adjustable from 1 280 mm to 970 mm during jobs for travelling in narrow spaces. The pin-detachable blade provides easier width adjustment.