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Fuel Tanks and Trailers

ID Fleet Hire offers a range of fuel tanks and fuel trailers of various sizes and capacities. All of our tanks are fully bunded and manufactured to mine site specifications.

Heavy Duty Spill Grates ID Fleet Hire offers heavy duty spill grates designed for the capture of accidental fuel spillage plus provision of a safe hard standing zone directly in front of refuelling areas. The spill grates have become a standard addition for refuelling areas and offer significant health, safety and environmental benefits. They are modular and can be bolted together to provided expanded areas of protection whilst being easy to stack and transport. Spill grates are easy to install and remove. They can be utilised on any level site and are placed directly onto a dirt floor. Self Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks ID Fleet Hire is able to offer Self Bunded Diesel Tanks ranging in size from 1000L to 110,000L suitable for many different worksites including mining, construction and industrial applications. Our Self Bunded Tanks are environmentally safe, easy to transport and relocate as and when the need arises. ID Fleet Hire offers a cost effective option for you to be in control of your fuel management for either short or long term applications. Self Bunded Diesel Fuel Trailers ID Fleet Hire offers self-bunded mobile trailers which are easily transportable, suitable for off-road applications and are easily towed utilising a suitable 4WD. Our trailers weigh under 2000 kg when fully loaded and are manufactured strictly to Australian standards. Our trailers are suitable for applications such as mining, exploration, construction and other long-range remote area work where refuelling of plant and equipment is required.