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Steam Weed Killers

ID Fleet Hire has now introduced Weedtechnics Steam Weed Killers to our range of rental equipment.

Steam Weed Killers are designed to instantaneously super heat water to almost 120°C and delivers it via pressure hoses in a super heated state to  applicator heads. This provides an effective mechanism to control weeds without the use of chemicals or herbicides.

These machines are designed for a variety of applications and markets including Councils, Schools, Orchards, Vineyards, Farms and many more.

Steam Weed Killer Green Ninja Stealth The Weedtechnics Green Ninja Stealth supplies the latest technology in environmental weed killing. It delivers fast heating with high volume delivery that results in the fastest and most effective hydro thermal weed kill available. It is the most compact and manoeuvrable unit currently available with no chemicals required. The only substance utilised for the effective eradication of weeds is water. We supply the unit with a standard 30m of hose thus providing get great access and coverage. The on board diesel fuelled heat exchanger is the most efficient of its kind in the market. The unit contains an electric water pump and power source making the Green Ninja Steal the quietest machine available. This machine has been developed for killing weeds in confined areas with low inclines, such as back yards, nurseries, school playgrounds, and hobby farms with easy access to 240V 10 AMP power supply. Connect directly to any garden tap or a water tank for the water supply. The Green Ninja Stealth can also be utilised for a multitude of cleaning applications. Steam Weed Killer SW900 The SW900 Steam Weed Killer provides fast heating, high volume delivery thus allowing the fastest hydro thermal kill available. Suitable for a variety of weeds providing a viable alternative to the use of herbicides and other poisons. The SW 900 runs on 10L of water per minute and therefore can run 2 applicator heads simultaneously. This machine is built for continuous, everyday use. It comes complete with a 1000L water tank and runs from a petrol driven pump motor with a diesel burner. It can be suitable for use for many different applications and is suited for customers such as Farmers, Contractors, Councils, Schools and Commercial use. Provided complete on a skid base it can also be located into a trailer for ease of transport.